What’s your least favorite aspect about the PSSAs?


Miley Naugle

Eighth grade teacher Makenzie Negri said, “I think the PSSA’s are like a necessary evil… they show the areas that our students need to improve on, I just wish they were not tied to high stakes funding as well as so much pressure on the kids. I wish it was just for kids to feel comfortable and show us the data that we can learn from. I just don’t like how much pressure they put on you guys and how long they take… there are good and bad parts to both.”


Eighth grader Sage Bower said, “They’re not graded, so we shouldn’t have to do them.” (Photographed by Miley Naugle)


Eighth grade math teacher Lisa Plummer said, “I believe the PSSA’s are an important tool in charting student growth and progress during the school year.” (Photographed by Miley Naugle)
Eighth grader Charles Dantos said, “The PSSA’s are dumb, they don’t help anyone and they are useless.” (Photographed by Miley Naugle)


Eighth grader Zaelinh Nguyen-Moore said, “I don’t like that we can’t be on our Chromebook when we’re finished.”(Photographed by Grace Stadtmiller)


Eighth grader Megan Kelly said, “Waiting for so long.” (Photographed by Grace Stadtmiller)


Eighth grader Adilee Scott said, “I don’t like waiting so long.”(Photographed by Grace Stadtmiller)