Seventh graders work with code projects


Ninth graders Vanessa Gil and Tara Gingrich working on English. Vanessa helped Tara with her school work on Dec. 9.

Lori Piper, seventh grade science teacher and her fourth period class traveled two flights of stairs to work with Lori Brown and Kathy Morgan’s ninth grade Academy students. uses games and levels to incorporate writing code. On Dec. 11 and 12 Piper’s fourth period science class travelsed downstairs to interact with the ninth grade Academy students and program an app for the academy iPad.

“They love it and always want to know when they will go back down,” Piper said.

They do this once a marking period on the ninth grade floor.The seventh graders go down from 11-12:30 and then eat lunch with the ninth graders. They recently made an app for the iPad.

“Some made flappy bird and it went very well,” Piper said.

Four Academy honors classes are involved with this program.

“Two of my honors English classes are involved,” Kathy Morgan said. “They have a lot of enthusiasm and developed a lot of friendships with the seventh graders.”

The seventh and ninth graders worked together on multiple projects together.

“We did a lab testing pill coding to see who could make the best pill code so it would not dissolve in soda and we did the hour of code,” Raquel Dunio said.

The pill coding and the hour of code is outside the classroom and not in the seventh grade science plan for the year.

“I like doing different activities that we don’t usually get to do in class,” Shannon Schmitt said.