Baughman designs Relay for Life t-shirt


Lily Miller

Eighth grader Skylar Baughman designs Relay for Life t-shirt.

Lillian Miller

Eighth grader Skylar Baughman designed  this year’s Relay for life t-shirt. All profits made from the t-shirts are being donated to Relay for Life. This year’s Relay for Life’s  theme is “Everyday Heros.”

Baughman’s t-shirt design is people holding hands around the Earth.

“ My design was people holding hands around the Earth. I chose this because I think everyone around the world should be aware of this cause,” Baughman said.

Students voted for the design they wanted to win by casting ballots with quarters.  The design that earned the most money won.

 “I think we want to just help them get involved and get them connected with the Relay for Life event. I also think the t-shirts are more popular when the students design them themselves,”  eighth grade counselor Sarah Janser said.  

“I think it really brings people together, so they know that other people have been going through similar situations,” ninth grade Foods for Healthy Livings teacher Brandy Juart said.

Last year the school sold around 550 t-shirts. This year Janser said she expects the school to sell around 550 to 600 t-shirts.

The art teachers chose other students to have a shot at being this year’s Relay for Life t-shirt design. The students who did not win still had a very positive response to the Relay for Life t-shirt.

“I’m not upset that my design didn’t win. I didn’t really think I was going to win, because I thought other people’s designs were better,” eighth grader Graham Black said.

Students bought the Relay for life t-shirts for various reasons.

“I bought one of the t-shirts because I think cancer is very sad, and I would like to support the people that are diagnosed with cancer,” ninth grader Naebree Payne said.

“I bought a t-shirt because the money goes to a good cause,” ninth grader Cassidy Harris said.