Library hosts scholastic book fair

The Book fair is an annual event for the Altoona Area Jr. High

The Book fair is an annual event for the Altoona Area Jr. High

Ashley Steinbugl, Reporter

The Book fair is an annual event.

Books, they’re everywhere! The 2017 scholastic book fair took place for five days and allowed grades seven to nine to go downstairs to the library and have the option to purchase books for themselves. There are many different genres for kids and adults.

During the book fair, there were a variety of books to choose from. They had tons of new novels and many types of books for more mature audiences, but that’s not all that the book fair had to offer. Students could buy small toys and gadgets and even some posters to decorate rooms.

It’s like really cool that we get to pick out books and stuff, and they are newer and much more mature than elementary,” seventh grader Morgan Larderi said.

“I think the bookfair is a good place to get the books you want without having to drive all the way to Barnes and Noble or order them online,” ninth grader Lily Porter said.

The books they have here appeal to everyone’s likings. Students shared two favorites.

Wonder,” Larderi said.

Looking for Alaska” by John Green” ninth grader Lily Porter said.

Some students shopped by genre.

“Fantasy,” Larderi said.

“ I like mysteries and fiction books,” Porter said.

Librarian Justina McCaulley organizes the fair with the help of her assistant Lee Nevel.   It takes one whole school day to put it together, and they sell books for five days. To conclude there is a makeup day for anybody who may have been absent during the time their English class went downstairs. 

“It is delivered in five portable carts and many, many, many boxes. They give everything posters, money, registers, etc.” McCaulley said.  

“They’re bargain books, science books and graphic books,” McCauley said.