Fans support favorite sport teams


Ben Blackie

Ninth grader Cameron Passarello wore a New York Yankees baseball home jersey , supporting #99 Aaron Judge , the outfielder.

Sarah Weathersbee , Reporter

Supporters of their favorite sports teams wore a T-shirt, hoodie, jersey and/or hat on Feb. 2  for Ultimate Fan Day. The event was free of charge, and students as well as teachers were able to participate in the all day event.

“ I wore a Ben Roethlisberger jersey with the number seven to support my favorite team, the Steelers,” eighth grader Michael McCloskey said.

Students participated for many reasons.

“ I participated to spread and show school spirit,” seventh grader Keira Mayhue said, who wore jersey #26 supporting Le’veon Bell.

“ I participated because I really like the jersey I wore and it gives me an opportunity to express my favorite team and what I like to do ,” ninth grader Cameron Passarello said.

Students want more dress up days like this.

“ I believe the school should do more events like this. It makes us interact more, and it makes my day feel more upbeat,” Passarello said.

“ I enjoy days like this because it makes the day more fun and interesting. The school should definitely do more dress up days,” McCloskey said.

By participating in dress up days , students believe more peers will get involved.

“Dressing up will get more kids involved because they will see how fun it is and want to participate,” Mayhue said.

Check throughout the school for posters providing future dress up days.

Ben Blackie
Eighth grader Michael McCloskey participates in fan day by wearing jersey #7 , Ben Roethlisberger and supporting the Steelers.

Ninth grader Cameron Passarello wore
a New York Yankees baseball home jersey, supporting #99 Aaron Judge , the outfielder.
Ben Blackie
Seventh Grader Keira Mayhue supports
#26 from the Steelers, Le’veon Bell.