Students must follow morning rules

We want to keep our school safe. Courtesy of

We want to keep our school safe. Courtesy of

We want to keep our school safe. Courtesy of

Although there are holding areas for students in all grades, students choose to stand outside or stand in the halls downstairs. This causes a problem for the school and the faculty.

First of all, if the students are already on the school property they need to be in the school. This is said in the code of conduct. If they go on the sidewalk of the school when school starts and leave to go home or somewhere else that is considered skipping school. The students  must go into the building once they set foot on school property.

The kids stand outside because there is a police officer that will escort them to their holding area until they are able to go upstairs to their locker. So there is no point in trying to sneak it because they will not get away with it. The principal does this to make sure the students are safe and no accidents happen.

If the kids do not want to go into the holding areas, then they should not come to school before 7:30. The teachers that stand at each door cannot keep up with all the students that do not follow the rules. So why not follow the rules that have not changed since the school opened? Some teachers will catch them and they will just have to go where they are suppose to anyways. It is not worth it.

Ninth and eighth graders go into the gym and seventh graders go into the cafeteria. The students can go to the holding areas once it hits seven. The teachers that are in charge of watching the students in certain holding areas, will dismiss the students when it is time. After that they can go to their locker and then to their first period classroom.

Students do not like following these simple rules, but in order to keep all of the students safe that attend this school, all kids should report to the holding area assigned to them.