Students show their spirit


Ben Blackie

Isabella Frank, Alaina Koehle, Mya Crownover, and Eve Hogan are all showing their spirit by wearing maroon and white.

Maddy Pincin, Reporter

On April 5, the PBS community held a spirit day in the school to show support and spirit by wearing maroon and white.

Spirit days are those days when the school has an actual day students are supposed to wear the schools colors and show support to the school. Many students, teachers and staff participate. If a student wears the school colors, some teachers reward them by giving them lion loot. Lion loot is used for different things, like to get to participate in an all school movie or to get items and the roar store.

“I wore a maroon and white student council shirt,” ninth grader Alexis Treese said. “I got one lion loot, and I plan on using it for recess day.

Wearing and showing spirit is a easy way to get lion loot and save them for activities.

“Having spirit days helps get students more involved and wanting to wear the school colors,” ninth grader Alissa Heverly said.