Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review



Caden Mcmaster, Reporter

Avengers: Infinity War has been out for a while and this movie is beyond good.

This movie takes viewers’ hearts out and throws them on the floor. Infinity War is now known as the saddest Marvel movie ever. It takes something the heroes the fans love and puts them in very difficult situations testing them with a foe they have not encountered before.

This movie brings together almost every single hero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and blends them together. Thanos is the main bad guy, and he’s there to kill. Thanos is on a quest for the infinity stones, so he goes throughout space to find them. The Avengers are putting everything they have into stopping him, and it’s the best to see how it all plays out.

Overall the movie is probably my favorite movie ever with the star studded cast performing so beautifully well together. It tests the friendships between heroes making them make difficult decisions on what to do to sacrifice for the greater good. The directors, the Russo brothers have directed three Marvel movies including Civil War, Winter Soldier, and the recent Infinity War. They have done excellent job with every single one, and this, the new avengers, is the best.

Avengers has already passed world records for being the highest grossing box office opening weekend ever. They beat the record held by Star Wars the Force Awakens by just over 2 million more than Star Wars by going to 250 million when Star Wars had 248 million. So far Avengers has made over 1.3 billion dollars worldwide making its expensive budget worth it. The acting was impeccable and showed the emotion between the characters and felt like a fitting end to some of the characters and is now my all time favorite movies.  I cannot wait for more Marvel movies coming out this year.