February Club Monthly

Anime Club – Led by John Garlick:

The anime club is going to meet to discuss their fundraiser. They are going to discuss and go to some art competitions. There are a total of 112 students in the club. Members are expected to come to meetings and have fun.


Chess Club – Led by Wes Rogers:

The chess club is wrapping up finals of the winter tournament at the next meeting. New players are welcome to join and will be paired with more experienced players.


Diversity Club – Led by Keith McFarland:

The diversity club will be having a meeting on Feb. 22 to discuss the outline of the new additions to the program. The meeting will go over standards of four workshops. The meeting will be held in McFarland’s room (C433) after school from 3-4 p.m. The first workshop will be help on Feb. 28. The topic that will be discussed is “Identity.” It will be held in McFarland’s room. The time is to be announced. Club is open to all students.


Drama Club – Led by Alyssa Hetrick and Connor Chywski:

The drama club is far into musical rehearsals. The musical dates are March 1 and 2. The musical is Alice in Wonderland Jr. Members are expected to come to monthly meetings.


Friends of Rachel Club – Led by Guidance:

The members are going to continue to spread their kindness throughout the school. Members should attend the meetings in the auditorium. They will be doing a Valentine’s Day themed sticky note on locker day.


Lego Club – Led by Justina McCaulley:

Go to the meeting on the first Wednesday of every month from 3-4 p.m. Students can use directions and kits and others use bins of legos that were donated.


Math Counts – Led by Christopher Lloyd:

Competition Feb. 2 at Penn State Altoona. Students will keep up the hard work and practicing. Lloyd hopes two students make it to state this year.


National Junior Honors Society – Led by John Wharton and Autumn Barry-Kyle:

The National Junior Honors Society is finishing their fundraiser for their trip to Hershey. They are completing their community service hours. Wharton and Barry-Kyle are monitoring the eligible students that are in eighth grade.


Ski Club – Led by Phil Peterman:

The ski club has two skiing trips to go on. One is on Feb. 6 and the other is on Feb. 13. The members are expected to follow the safety rules and go and have fun.


Student Council (Ninth Grade) – Led by Jessica Hogan:

Student Council decided on their field trip for the end of the year. They will be going to Six Flags in Baltimore, Maryland. They are thinking of having a canned food drive this month.


Technology Student Association – Led by Lori Piper:

Feb. 2 is the regional competition in Northern Cambria MS. If they win first place they will move to state.


Yearbook Committee – Led by Christine Johnston:

The yearbook committee is working on the layout of the yearbook. The students have to meet their deadlines. The yearbook is due at the end of March.