Hug Barrels make tastiest drink

Connor George, Reporter

When seeking out a delicious drink, my first option is always Hug Barrels. I enjoy their easy to hold structure, many flavors, their after drunken uses and low prices.

They use a soft plastic that isn’t rough, but still provides a comfortable grip. The ridges on the barrel make it easier to hold onto, as well. I don’t have to stretch my hand to hold one, either, and they’re very lightweight, making them easy to carry.

As of now, Hug Barrels have fruit punch, blue raspberry, kiwi-strawberry, grape and many more. Personally, my favorite is the lemonade flavor. It tastes like a mellow lemon, instead of a sour one. However, I do like most Hug flavors.

One of the best things about the Hug Barrels is that drinkers can use them after finished for fun crafts. From pencil holders, to little hats, to everything in between. I actually tried making the pencil holder, which, to my suprise, actually worked.

Hug Barrels certainly get buyers bang for their buck, for a 20 pack they cost around $3 and for about $6 for a 40 pack. This means that since each Hug Barrel has 8 fl oz., they are charging about $0.02 per fl oz.

If I were to have a choice between any drink, it would have to be Hug.