Pop Tarts start students’ days

Pop Tarts start students days

Eli Costanzo, Reporter

Since the start of the school year, Pop Tarts have appeared in many mornings in the front hall. Principal Lori Mangan and several assistants encourage students to pick up Pop Tarts at the start of the day. Many students have wondered where the Pop Tarts come from and how this started.

“The Pop Tarts were bought at the end of summer. (The idea came about) to give back to the kids; it came from a committee of teachers,” Mangan said.

The only setup cost was the Pop Tarts.

“Most of the things we purchase through our cafeteria staff, which is the corporation Metz,” Mangan said.

There are many varieties of Pop Tarts available.

“[So we] purchase random types; we didn’t realize s’mores were popular or cookies and cream,” Mangan said.  

The students reactions were positive towards this event with multiple describing this to be great.

“I think it provides opportunity for kids, who either can’t afford or doesn’t make it to breakfast,” ninth grade Koy Riggleman said.

With all of this occurring multiple people reported that their favorite flavor of Pop Tarts being sold was Smores and Cookies and Cream.

“Cookies and Cream; it was a good idea for the students,” Riggleman said.

“I liked the Pop Tarts flavors and how when I got there later on the bus I’d get something to eat,” ninth grader Weston Shultz said.

This includes multiple people being happy towards this due to some not being able to get food in the morning.

“It’s a good idea, and I love getting free food. I tell students what Pop Tart flavor is (available),” ninth grader Christine Jordan said.

Multiple people hope that there will be more in the future.

“The Pop Tarts were tasty, should come back. Only bad things were the crumbs,” Weston said.