Wrestling season progresses


Eli Costanzo

Rivalry Pablo Rojas faces off against a Hollidaysburg opponent. The referee signaled for the match to begin.

Eli Costanzo, Reporter

Although the recent wrestling match was a loss for the junior wrestling varsity team, they are still training for their next match. The team placed seventh for their second game while winning their third game and losing their fourth game. They will continue to get ready for their next match and practice.   

“Some have been formidable, others haven’t had the edge,” Coach Cameron Kyle said.

Junior varsity has currently won against Philipsburg and Williamsport and lost against Holidaysburg. The varsity team tries to move on from a loss quickly.

“I got nervous because I know that every person that wrestles is strong enough, and if they have the will enough to beat me they will,” Pablo Rojas said.

The goal of wrestling is to pin the other opponent and keep them pinned for a designated time limit to earn a point.  

“Watching the new guys get their first pins, they always need more practice, their record right now is 8-4,” Coach Kyle said.

Players during this season have been doing very well as some are highly recommended by others with some going undefeated so far in the league, while others earn a lot of points for the team. 

“They were pretty good, about my level. I made some mistakes, lost some points,” Wyatt Young said.

Although matches are not just the main highlights, the coach is cheering for the new people as well for their first pins and good luck in their first matches. With good faith to rest of everyone on the team. 

“It’s always nice to help out the team. I had two broken arms and broke my wrists. It’s good to watch someone win for the team. Having a good time; bus rides are fun. I think we need more practice,” Young said.

The Hollidaysburg match was a team disappointment.  The match was close until the tide turned against them ending with a close call.  The coach is proud of his team and continues to push them.