Mixed Emotions Transitioning From Elementary School To Junior High School


Student, Nevaeh Montgomery, crams some last minute work in before her class ends. Nevaeh said, “I like doing my school work on my Chromebook, but when I’m in school in person, I like writing on paper.”

Six graders are not having the same thoughts about moving into the middle school this year. Students Nevaeh Montgomery and Madison Mirabella gave their opinions about the transition, voicing positives and negatives about the whole situation. 

“At first, I was excited about going to the junior high because it was a bigger school, but since the Coronavirus started, it wasn’t much of an experience,” Mirabella said. She then expressed her feelings on how returning back to school full time might change her opinion, due to being able to see her friends and her teachers face to face instead of through Zoom. “It is much easier for me to learn in person than online; it is very easy for me to get distracted.” 

On the other hand Montgomery stated, “I like being in middle school; however, sometimes I mix up my classes, but other than that I enjoy it.”

She then went on to say how different her elementary school, Juniata Gap, is from junior high. “In elementary school, we only had two choices of lunch, but in this school, we have many different options. I like that we get different choices because sometimes I do not like the only food choice that Juniata Gap provided,” said Montgomery. 

Mirabella said, “The transition was not difficult for me, and everything went according to plan.” Montgomery then stated, “I like how we have extra classes and extra homework.”

Neither Montgomery nor Mirabella wish that they were back in elementary school. Montgomery says, “No, I want to stay in this school because in elementary you only have two teachers for all of your classes: students are with one teacher in the morning until lunch and then, they are with another teacher until the end of the day. I like having seven different teachers. It is a lot easier for me.”

Mirabella did not say much except, “There was too much drama in elementary school.”

Montgomery also said, “I like having to take my Chromebook to school and home; it makes me feel more responsible.” Both students say that they prefer attending sixth grade in the junior high instead of their elementary school.