News Brief: Electricity Project Opens Up New Opportunities


Dominic Danastasio

Priority first! Eighth grader Seth Goheen works on a small circuit while wielding a soldering iron. Students’ measurements and actions must be extremely precise, as one mistake could render the circuit inoperable. “It was definitely fun, one of my favorite units,” explained Goheen.

Three weeks ago teacher Lori Piper and her Engineering Design and Development (EDD) students began a lesson about electricity, with projects bigger than ever after one year of virtual learning.

After a sudden closure due to the pandemic in 2020, students relied completely on computers for their remote education. With school reopening earlier this year, Piper’s EED students are taking advantage by starting hands-on projects, such as making non-traditional batteries out of potatoes, lemon juice and pennies to gain knowledge on this unit.

Going into the course, I had no idea about soldering or the engineering process, but I feel like this course has just given me a good understanding about it.

— Charles Romanowicz

“I’m looking at getting a couple more pieces of equipment in for next year to add even more variety to it,” said Piper when asked about the future.

Depending on the success of the project, Piper’s class could finish the unit by next month.