What do you think about the daily morning security checks?


Izabella Mccarthy

“It keeps everyone safe, but it takes up a lot of our time in the morning. Before we had a schedule change, we were always late for our class, and it’s dumb having to go sit in the cafeteria, gym, or the auditorium to wait until we can go to our first period,” said eighth grader Maya Quirin.

“I think the security checks are a waste of time, and are not helping the situation,” said eighth grader Marisah Pattie.  (Photographed by Taniyah Hicks)


“I think checks are wonderful because if there was someone who had a weapon, that person would be stopped and would receive punishment,” said eighth grader Tessa Easton.   (Photographed by Sofia Hallinan)



“They are a little bit weird, but I mostly don’t mind them. I feel like we shouldn’t need to have the clear backpacks even though we are doing security checks. They could have just done the security checks or the clear backpacks, but I’m used to them since we have been doing them all year,” said eighth grader Aubriana Berardinelli. (Photographed by Miley Naugle)


“The security checks aren’t very accurate because they don’t properly check your belongings,” said eighth grader Michael Chisolm. (Photographed by Cheyanne Zeth)


“I think that they don’t check our bags well enough, so there is no point,” said eighth grader Sydney Wilber. (Photographed by Grace Stadtmiller)



“I can certainly get why we need them because…we had the school shooting scare, but at this point, I think they’re getting quite…tedious,” said eighth grader Gabrielle Beldin. (Photographed by Melissa Krainer)


“I’m not a huge fan. Students shouldn’t have to go through them every morning just to get an education,” said eighth grader Chloe Kessling. (Photographed by Madison Aboud)