Lego Club Inspires Creative People


Sofia Hallinan

“Stranded in Snow,” was created by Robert Hartz.

Lego Club meets the first Wednesday of the month; the club runs from 2:45p.m. – 3:45 p.m.

Lego club is a club where you get to show your creativity, and the way you want to build different architects. Lego club is meant to be an enjoyable experience with a place to hang out with friends and relax with people who also enjoy similar interests.

“You have to sign up the last week of every month to join the club,” advisor Justina McCaulley said.

Some people show interest in Lego Club.

“Well, when I joined the club, I thought it was going to be a bunch of people working on one big project,” sixth grader Andie Kephart said.

Lego club helps with independence and workmanship with others.

“You get to work on everything by yourself or with someone else. It is a very good club to test your creative boundaries,” Kephart said.

Lego club shows learners the different ways they can express themselves.

“I have created many extravagant and creative art pieces that express me,” Kephart said.

Lego club extends possibilities for new ways to create builds.

“I like freestyle building because you can really test your creative boundaries. Everyone there has their own ways that they can create stuff with Legos that they choose,” Kephart explained.

Lego club gives you enough time to complete the masterpieces of your mind and encourages your bright side.