Do you watch March Madness? If so, what do you like about watching it?

“Yes, I enjoy watching the competition, and I like to guess the winner,” said eighth grader Megan Kelly. (Grace Stadtmiller)


Eighth grader Taylor Glunt said, “I don’t watch it.” 
(Madison Aboud )


“Yes, I watch March Madness. It’s interesting because I used to play basketball,” said eighth grader Kenzie Wilt.
(Taniyah Hicks )


“No, I don’t like to watch basketball. I didn’t know what March Madness was until you just told me. I don’t get the concept of basketball, but if I were to watch basketball, I would try to watch anything related to State College,” said eighth grader Gabrielle Filer. (Sofia Hallinan)


Eighth grader Briella Sipes said, “I don’t watch March Madness because I don’t like college basketball.” (Izabella Mccarthy )


Eighth grader Ryanne Resig said, “No, however I know that it involves basketball.” (Miley Naugle)


Eighth grader Kendall Cogan said, “I watch some games just when I think there is going to be good competition… I really like to watch just to see everybody’s bracket get messed up.” (Melissa Krainer)


” Yes, I do. I like the aggression in the game. In my opinion, it’s very entertaining, ” said eighth grader Charles Dantos. (Cheyanne Zeth)