News Brief: Jaffa Events


"Shriners Go Karts" by KB35 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Hit the pedal! Driving down the road is a Shriner. They have always driven cars at parades.

The Jaffa hosts a bunch of events throughout the months, whether it be the Jaffa Sports Show or the 200 club. These events are hosted around the same time every year.

The Jaffa Sports Show just passed, but if you missed it don’t fear! There’s always other events like the circus coming up, which is April 19-23.

The Jaffa Shriners hosts these events to raise money for their hospital and transportation, so they can give free transportation to those who need it.

One of the sixth grade teachers himself is a Shriner.  If you didn’t know already, it’s Scott Woomer!

“There’s a lot of different events going on at the building and pretty much they all are there to raise money for the vans and transport,” said Woomer.

So keep in check with Jaffa events, so you don’t miss the action!