Cafeteria changes

Newspaper Leah 004-001

Cafeteria changes

The cafeteria has made changes this year.  Styrofoam trays replace plastic trays.  Although some students feel portion sizes have gotten smaller, cafeteria staff say the opposite is true.

The tray change was made to cut down on germs.

“It’s to keep lunch sanitary for the students,” Cafeteria Staff Milisa Aukstikalnis said.

“The reason for switching to styrofoam trays was because the plastic ones had to air dry. They had to be air dried instead of towel dried because towel drying causes too much bacteria.”

Some are concerned that trash cans are filling up more quickly.

“Trash cans are filling up a lot faster since we have switched to styrofoam trays,” Destinee Pfirsching said. “I have noticed that the trash bags need changed a lot more frequently because of that.”

Students are struggling with holding their trays.

“Styrofoam trays are much more difficult to use because it is very hard to try and balance the tray when getting your food,” Aislinn Pardellas said.

Another problem that seems to be occurring while using styrofoam trays is that there is not enough room for extra food for those students who eat an extra entree.

“I would much rather have the black trays back,” ninth grade student Demia Shaneyfelt said. “The styrofoam trays break too easy, and there is hardly room on the tray for chips or a cup of juice.”

Some students think the trays are a good idea.

“I like the trays because they are small and it is easier to get around the cafeteria, but there is just not enough room if I want extra stuff,” ninth grader Sarah Hall said.

Another concern is portion sizes.

“Before they served us full flatbread; now they are cut in half,” Pardellas said.

“Portion sizes have not decreased,” Cafeteria Manager Denise Lamson said. “We were able to increase portion of the entrees. In addition students are permitted to two servings of fruits and two servings of vegetables with their meal which is an increase from two years ago.”