News brief: Hailey Goheen’s Artistic Journey


Ingrid Steward

Hailey Goheen is showing off her sketch of a fox! This is one of Goheen’s favorite drawings.

Hailey Goheen is an amazing artist. Hailey may seem like just an ordinary girl, but she has great talents that lie beneath her. 


Goheen has always had a passion for art ever since she was little.


“I kinda just got bored one day and decided to start making art and it just pretty much clicked,” said Goheen.


She uses colored pencils, her personal favorite, crayons, paint, oil pastels, markers and even just a regular pencil! 


Goheen is an incredible artist who was very well known in Sara O’Roark and John King’s art classes. Other students noticed her abilities and so did her teachers.


Goheen isn’t only just a great artist, but a great person! Feel free to take a look at some of her pieces in O’Roark and King’s room, or just ask her! 


It is time that the artistic students at the junior high should be more recognized for their outstanding talents.