Change is happening all around


Lanyards, murals and bathroom passes all have one thing in common. Something about them has been changed.

Last year, students got a detention every time that they forgot their ID. Over the summer, the principals at the school decided to ask to for a change to that policy. Instead of getting a detention every time an ID is forgotten, students get three chances then they receive a detention.

“It’s a lot better because I’m not as afraid to forget my ID,” Caitlyn Palazzi said.

“We did decide to purchase the lanyards and require students and all staff and visitors to wear visible IDs when in school,” eighth grade principal Brad Hatch said.

During the second half of the year last year, lanyards were distributed. They were given out as a safety precaution, but not everybody feels that the lanyards do any good.

“I feel that the only time people actually check for our lanyards is during class. I think that they should be checked when we enter the building,” Alexandra Kosmann said.

The mural in the downstairs hallway near the E stairwell is another change. The mural was just recently put onto the wall. The mural is for the drama department.

Lollipops and other items are no longer sold after 7:30 am. Items can only be purchased in the morning holding areas. This change took place so that the hallways are not as crowded.

“I don’t like this, because I might have money in my locker, and not with me but I still want to purchase items,” Palazzi said.

If a student wants to use the restroom during their lunch period, they must now place their ID on the table and take a pass.  This change is only for the ninth grade students.