Lunch needs adjustments

Lunch is the thing that male students look forward to everyday in school. Lunch is a sign that the school day is almost over and done with but could certain things about lunch be better?

First, lunch period could be longer. This would be great because any time there is a good lunch, such as General Tso’s chicken and rice, there is a huge line to wait in to get the food. Then, students don’t have enough time to wait in line, get the food, wait in line again to pay, get a fork and sit down and simply eat what they paid for.

Also the school lunches aren’t that good anymore, half the time anyone gets a hoagie or chicken patty the bread ends up being stale. This happens so often that people actually just eat the chicken patty and throw out the bread because it has probably been sitting there for weeks on end, its ridiculous.

The fruits and vegetables in lunch always have bruises, dents, cuts and for some reason celery from the school always taste like soap. If we wanted to taste soap we would venture to the bathroom and have a field day with the dispensers.

Another problem is the school lunch trays are horrible. They’re flimsy and they always feel like they’re about to snap in two. The trays also don’t even have enough space when I want to get two lunches or just a bag of chips. Students always end up stacking and stacking things on top of each other. Plus, these trays are bad for the environment yet we have recycling bins all over the school? The number of students and faculty who actually recycle is outweighed by the amount of styrofoam trays that are thrown away daily.

Lunch at school can sometimes be insane. People throw food at each other, they get in fights, yell constantly and just do dumb things to get in trouble. All students ask for is some improvements to make the mayhem not so bad.