New school police officer ready to take action

Picture by Madison James


Mr. Johnston is the new security guard. He replaced Mr. Peffer has he went to the high school

Picture by Madison James
Mr. Johnston is the new security guard. He replaced Mr. Pfeffer as he went to the high school

Welcome Bob Johnston to the school staff. Recently a change occurred between Bill Peffer and Johnston regarding the schools.

 Lori Mangan has insight on why the switch happen.

“Well, unfortunately when we had the death of Chris Amerine that left a void in the department. Right prior to that Clawson had retired so at this point in time, our school police department is short two officers. I know the district is in the process right now of trying to replace at least one of them. So the school police department when that happened needed to shift responsibilities around to try to make sure that all buildings had coverage. So Pfeffer was moved to the high school at that particular time, and Johnston was then shifted to our building,” Mangan said.

 Johnston has reasons on why he wanted to be a school police officer.

 “I enjoy working with the students and I feel like I can do a lot of good,” Johnston said.

 Since joining the junior high Johnston has had his hands full.

 “It’s been a busy week since I have started here but no real problems have occurred,” Johnston said.

  Mangan thinks that Johnston is adapting here at the school well.

“I think that he was involved a lot prior to moving here even though he didn’t have his office right here in the building. He responded frequently to things that occurred here in the building. He was in and out of the building often. He also works a lot of extra curricular activities after the school setting. Therefore, he knows a lot of the faculty and students already so that made for an easy transition for him to this occasion,” Mangan said.

There are some excitement aspects  about being a school police officer.

“Everyday’s different; I do like that,” Johnston said.

Every school has students’ that get in trouble and Johnston knows some reasons why.

“Mostly not listening to what the teachers and school tell them to do,” Johnston said.

The school has benefited from having school police officers and security.

“Just having someone on site that should the  need arise that building administration needs to have at an immediate response for assistance. Whether it is because of a student problem or a parental problem or something from the outside that may be influencing the schools setting itself. It has made it a huge benefit towards our school district and having those folks here on site and we’re not trying to rely too much on the Logan Town Police to come in. Obviously, they have a lot on their plates to begin with and their reaction time is greater because they are going to be further away than the building like we had from before,” Mangan said.

“I think a lot of the students feel comfortable knowing someone’s here,” Johnston said.

There are ways that Johnston will make the school district a safer and more secure place.

“Just daily vigilance on the building and the students in it,” Johnston said.

Johnston is glad to be at the junior high and is ready to interact with everyone.

“I feel it is a privilege for them to offer me to come down here and I do enjoy working with the students,” Johnston said.