Students need longer spring break

courtesy of Paestum Colors of spring

Students usually only have four days, including the weekend, for spring break. But this year it’s only three days long

courtesy of Spring daffs' in Broad Hinton
courtesy of
Spring daffs’ in Broad Hinton

because of a snow make-up day. Students should have a longer break during the spring.


The school district needs to give students longer time. A lot of tests are taken before Easter and it would be nice to have a long break. Students take the PSSA’s and benchmarks in April. In other marking periods, students have longer breaks and days off. But now in the fourth marking period, they only have one break and one long weekend. They both are really short. The weekend is the weekend of Memorial Day and the break is spring/Easter break.


Not only do students need a break from school, they need to have time to enjoy it. Over Easter break students should be able to take trips and visit family for the holiday. With a short break, students are rushed to visit and enjoy.

 Easter break, or spring break, is about family and friends. Not only do students benefit, but family members do too. Family members get to visit other family over break. With a short break, they do not have that much time for visiting.

Students only get three breaks a year. They are winter break, Thanksgiving break and spring break. Spring break is the shortest of them all. It is usually only four or five days. Students have little time to enjoy their “spring” break.

The break should be longer and that the school district should make it longer. Although students have to go to school a certain number of days, they should at least make the break a week long. A longer break would allow students to relax and enjoy the holiday and the break.