Circle of friends ends year with party


A group of friends come together in the middle of an ice rink. They join hands and put their feet together in order to display their "circle of friends".

Circle of Friends, a club that works with special needs kids, is throwing a party in order to end the year with a bang. They are hosting the party on Friday, May 16, from 6 to 8 P.M in the gymnasium. There will be a DJ for music, and a concession stand for drinks and snacks.

This year the theme for the dance is Hawaiian Luau, and the kids are to dress semi-formal. Girls are to wear dresses that meet school requirements and boys are to wear nice dress pants with a button-up shirt.

The dance first started in 2012 when the president, Saira Walker, received a donation from the Make A Wish foundation which gave the club $1,000 to pay for the dance. The money paid for the DJ, and the snacks along with the drinks. The money also helped to pay for dress-up pieces which the kids used to take funny pictures, and decorations that were used to decorate the gymnasium.

“It was the Make A Wish foundation 10 year anniversary, and they had an essay which was “What would you do with $1,000 to make someone’s life better,” Walker said. “I wrote an essay saying how much I loved the group and how I would give all the money to them. They would have a dance to make them feel special like everyone else, and it was only for them and the group members.”

The dance became a big hit with the students and members. The club decided to continue the dance last year and this year as well, taking money out of the club fund to pay for the entire thing.

This year the advisors, Kathy Morgan and Jason Lloyd, decided they would keep the theme the same in order to promote the warm weather.

Lloyd took over Circle of Friends last year with co-advisor Morgan and was one of the main deciders in the decision to continue on with the dance. Lloyd showed so much enthusiasm when preparing for the dance.

“It’s our end of the year activity. We’ve done activities all year and this is our last one,” Lloyd said.

“It’s an opportunity for all the kids to dress up. We have dancing of course, but we also have a little picture booth which the kids can use take funny pictures. It’s just a chance for them to have a good time,” Lloyd said.

The advisors, students and members all seem excited as the dance approaches. They are eager to dress up and dance to the music.

A group of friends come together in the middle of an ice rink. They join hands and put their feet together in order to display their “circle of friends”.
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