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Indoor swim brings home win and loss

picture by Madison James
December 18, 2013

The winter sport, indoor swimming, just started with a total of 40 students. Coaches Andy Smearman and Michelle Holton, both staff of the school district, coach this high school swim team. Preparing...

Get Your Head in the Game

Nic Urchick, eighth grade,
November 13, 2013

Athlete of the Week Many students at the school are very  involved with athletics.  This school is filled with so many “try-hards” and they put their all in anything they set their minds to.  So...

Seventh, eighth grade football teams end season

Seventh, eighth grade football teams end season
October 31, 2013

Both the eighth and seventh grade football teams fought within the games but the eighth grade team just pulled through it more than the seventh. Eighth grade ended the season undefeated. Seventh ended...

High school athletes’ practice leads to improvement in teams

High school athletes' practice leads to improvement in teams
October 31, 2013

 Whether they participate in volleyball, tennis or soccer, all students involved in high school sports devote their time and effort into improving their skills. Many of these athletes attend practice...

Coaches lead boys’ and girls’ soccer teams

During the Altoona vs Hollidaysburg, Hollidaysburgs number 16 steals the ball to take it back down the field.  The team supports each other with their hardworking team work in getting the ball around the field.
October 31, 2013

“To me, soccer is more than a ball and two goals, it connects people from all corners of the world.” -McKenzie Turner. This is definitely true for the seventh and eighth grade players on the girls’...

Softball team prepares to take it home

The team lines up with partners to practice their catching and throwing. Photo by Emily Glacken
May 6, 2013

Junior Varsity softball teams practiced on Friday April 19, 2013 to prepare for their up coming games in the gymnasium by doing stations for batting to improve their batting skills and pairing up and...

Junior high softball swings into season

Madison Benton waits for the ball to come her way.  She looks around to make sure her team is ready.  Photo by Sammi Beeler.
April 24, 2013

The softball team swung into action for the first time on April 5, 2013.  This was the first game of the season because all of the other games had been cancelled.  The girls are working hard at practice...

Softball hits off!

Andrea Parrish is using all of her strength to throw the ball the other side of the court. Photo by Arian Savoy
April 5, 2013

Softball season is just right around the corner!  Their first game is Friday, March 22  at Central Mountain. Their first home game is Monday, March 25 at Logan.  The girls practice everyday and prepare...

Ninth grade boys, girls start track

Ninth grade boys, girls start track
March 27, 2013

Track season starts soon and both the boys and girls are practicing.  The boys and girls practice their events out at Mansion Park and practice almost every day.  There are many different events for...

High school softball swings into action

Savanah Gray practices throwing at a softball practice.  The players must go through many drills and this is one.  Photo by Arian Savoy
March 27, 2013

This year, the high school softball team has a new season ahead of them.  The team is getting many new players because many freshmen are coming to play. The coaches have played in high school.  Coach...

Boys’ tennis team readies rackets

Second seed Ryan Good returns a ball to the second seed player for Hollidaysburg.
March 27, 2013

The boys' tennis team, for both the junior high and the high school, has started practicing for their upcoming season. They return with last season’s top five players and add newcomers to...

Ninth graders prepare for high school baseball tryouts

February 28, 2013

Summer is approaching and so is baseball season.  The big talk with ninth graders is the high school baseball team tryouts.  Many ninth graders are trying out for the team in hopes of extending their...

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