Varsity football team hopes to improve record

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Photo by Jolee Smith

It’s Good! The team joins on the field for a kick. The kick was carried out by player 30, Jacob Schmidhimer

The season comes to a close for the varsity football team with a record of three wins, three losses and one tie. With just two games left, the team hopes to improve.

The team had several wins this season so far.

“We won against Dubois, Norwin and Latrobe,” player 64 Brenden Shaffer said.

“Latrobe was a good win, we won against Dubois and Norwin, I don’t think anyone expected us to win against Norwin,” player 53 Ben Tofano said.

The team struggles to stay motivated after a loss.

“If you’re losing games you feel like you won’t be able to win the next one,” player 83 Ben Neil said.

“Your team is your family and whenever your team starts to feel down it kind of brings down everyone else because you’re all united as one so you kind of share your feelings with everyone else,” Tofano said.

The team keeps hope for the future.

“We want to win the last 3 games of the season or at least beat Hollidaysburg,” Neil said.

“We are hoping to go to the last 3 games of the season all wins,” Shaffer said.

“We have 2 games left we’re 3, 3 and 1, and we could win the next two games,” Head Coach Damon Luciano said.

Varsity Football expects a turnaround in the season.

“From what I’ve heard we versed the hardest teams first for our first six games,” Tofano said.

Neil said, “I think if we win the last three games I’d consider that a turnaround.”

The team knows their strengths.

“Our strength is our depth in players being able to move to different positions,” Shaffer said. “Our weakness would be not executing the roles of our position properly.”

“ I think we’re very good at running the ball because of Avery, and I think we have good receivers. But we don’t always complete the passes but we’re also good at blocking,” Neil said.

“They are a great group of kids that work hard in practices; we’ve gotten a lot better since or summer practices,” Luciano said.

The team sets goals for the future.

“My goals for next year are to start on the junior varsity team and to go undefeated,” Neil said.

Shaffer said, “My goals for next year are to get as close as I can to starting and show coaches that I want to play hard.”