Girls’ basketball season begins


Ben Blackie

Shoot it! Eighth grade player Casey Kuhn takes a shot while practicing before the State College game as Cassidy Klock watches.The team continued to practice until their coach called a huddle.

Abbie Starr, Reporter

As winter sports are starting, so are seventh, eighth and ninth grade girls’ basketball.

The ninth grade girls’ record is two wins and ten losses.

“I think our most recent game was a very good game, and we just barely lost. It was a very close game; we only lost by four, and everyone played their hardest,” ninth grader Kyra Young said.

Girls practice in season and off to prepare for games.

“At practice we condition, go over plays and work on skills like shooting layups and foul shots, being fast, boxing out and much more,” Young said.

She thinks that the best thing about her team is they all get along and have fun together.

“I think we can get a few more wins by the end of the season if we work hard,” Young said.

Young plays post or forward and has been playing since she was six years old.

Eighth grader, Tessa Klock, plays for the white girls’ basketball team and plays as a guard.

“I like working together as a team, and just spending all that time together,” Klock said.

Klock has been playing since she was in kindergarten.

“I would tell them (younger players) to just keep working hard at it, because it’s something that you have to put a lot of time into and if you work hard you will get it,” Klock said.

Seventh grader, Taylor Lane plays point guard for the white girls’ team.

“I love how I can always rely on them (my teammates) to have my back if I get like a turnover,” Lane said.

Lane predicts they are going to end the season playing well together.

The seventh and eighth grade white basketball coach and eighth grade teacher, Kristen Fazio, said all of the girls are very positive and always have something nice to say about a teammate. She feels the season is going well.

“So far it’s been fun and busy. The girls are working so hard and they get better with every practice and every game,” Fazio said.

With the white seventh grade team’s record being five to one and the eighth grader’s being six to two, Fazio says the girls are always up for a challenge.

“I think we will have some challenging teams coming up like Mifflin County and a lot of traveling to away games. We will continue to have fun and take every game one day at a time,” Fazio said.