School rivalry at its best


The upcoming game against Hollidaysburg is an away game on Thursday, April 27 at Hollidaysburg High School field with first pitch at 4 p.m. The game was moved on the schedule due to possible weather conditions.

The undefeated maroon baseball team wants to continue their streak with the upcoming rivalry game against Hollidaysburg.

Head coach Paul Neatrour said, “This is the biggest game of the season because of the schools being rivals.” 

The schools have been rivals for four years considering the school has only had a junior high baseball program since 2019. The coaches hope the team wins since the white team lost their game.

“I don’t like to judge if the team is going to win. Like the old saying goes, take it one at a time.”

— Paul Neatour









The rivalry between schools hasn’t been long, but it is very strong.

Assistant coach Jason Jones said, “Due to the location of the school and some of the kids from each school being friends with each other, plus seeing each other on the playing field or on the practice court, they are one of our bigger rivals.” 


Winning this game will be great for the school. If the maroon team wins, the school could have redemption. 

Jones said some remarks about the strengths of this year’s team.

“The strengths of this year’s maroon baseball team would be having great teammates cheer on each other, the players are very hard working this year and dedicated to bettering themselves each day,” said Jones. 

With the game being closer to the end of the year, it is important to the team because winning as many games as they can will be great for upcoming varsity teams in the future. Also, some of the boys on the team are in eighth grade, so this would be their last year at the junior high, meaning they should want to do their very best on this year’s team!