Mountain lions pin to win


-Photo by Baylie Horten


Wrestlers Corey McClellan, Kobe Harr, and Jordan Wagner pose for a photo in their school stairwell. -Photo by Baylie Horten
Wrestlers Corey McClellan, Kobe Harr, and Jordan Wagner pose for a photo in their school stairwell.
-Photo by Baylie Horten

With 2015-2016 wrestling season in play, wrestlers push practice after practice to prepare for the grueling season ahead.

Some returning wrestlers are ninth grader Jordan Wagner, eighth grader Kobe Harr and ninth grader Corey McCllelan. Most of the wrestlers have been at it for many years, but others only a few. Many of the returning wrestlers have goals of going undefeated this season and winning states.

“A lot of us want to win states this year and go 22-0. I know I do, but I really want to win at the Big 7 this year. It’s a really big tourney that would be crazy to win,” Harr said as he begins his seventh year wrestling.

Each wrestler has that one opponent that is their biggest competition, and they dread to wrestle. Jordan Wagner, who has been wrestling for three years said he hasn’t had any hard opponents until last year.

“Cody Hetrick is definitely my biggest opponent. He made it to finals and he is really good at pinning and his skills are really good,” Wagner said.

Even though it’s only the beginning of the season the wrestlers are focused on that one goal of winning states. Big 7 and states are two of the biggest if not the biggest tourneys to compete in.

“States is probably the biggest tourney to be in. I am working harder than before to win this year, and I feel like I can because this year practices and competitions are harder. We all have a good shot. I mean we’re a fresh team and a good team so I feel good about it,” McCllelan said.

There is always improvement between teams and players in every sport each year.Coaches have goals they want the team to meet and things they change each year. Most players have improvements they want to make within themselves at the start of each year.

“I feel good about this year I mean we are working hard and doing good so far. Next year I think I will be better because I will be a ninth grader so I will have more to work for, but I think we have it good this year,” Harr said.

The season ends the second week of February so hopefully the Altoona wrestling team has a good season this year. Some of the individuals are shooting at high goals, but have time to reach them. Being on sweaty mats and long practice hours, these wrestlers put in a lot of work and love every minute of it.

 “Do what you love to do and even if it’s hard don’t give up. I almost made that mistake at wrestling, but I’m thankful I didn’t. Life isn’t easy, but if you block out everything around you and focus on what you want it will be a much smoother ride,” Wagner said.