Aides provide support

Teachers, students accept assistance


Kenzi Doran

Read All About It! Heidi Bardelang encourages, eighth grader, Anthony Jablonski with his book. Jablonski has been participating in reading workshop.

Danielle Bardelang, Reporter

Everyday some students with mental, physical and emotional disabilities are aided by Student Education Aides (S.E.A.). 

An S.E.A. is an adult who provides support to classroom teachers by working directly with a student.

Aides are helping in the classroom. 

“An S.E.A. is someone to be there for their students who can help with any need that arises,” S.E.A. Heidi Bardelang said.

Aides are able to help students with anything they need.

“[The students interact] very well, they know I’m there if they need me, and they don’t hesitate to accept help when it is offered,” Bardelang said.

“She usually helps me with a problem I am struggling with, or if I get ticked off she can usually help calm me down. Mostly, focusing and anger,”  eighth grade student Anthony Jablonski said.

“[Aides need a] high school diploma. They prefer a two year degree and experience with children,” S.E.A. Ruth England said.

“Once the teacher is done teaching, we continue to help the student where it is needed. We ‘break-down’ the lesson, ” England said.

Student Education Aides are a part of the school district and are hired by going through a series of interviews.

A high school diploma is a requirement for S.E.A.s to have.

Interaction with students is an everyday thing.

“[Heidi] mostly stands to the side, but if I need help she’s always there to help me,” Jablonski said.

According to England there are about 20 or 25 Special Education Aides just in the junior high.