Refreshing Starbucks Drink


Taniyah Hicks

This refreshing drink takes you back to summer days. It makes your taste buds explode!

Freeze dried strawberries, lemonade and ice…It was like the strawberries melted in my mouth. The drink gave me the urge to order more!

The Strawberry Aꞔaí Starbucks Refresher  was very fancy!

After it was done being made, the color of the drink was amazing. It reminded me of drinks my grandma used to make for me.; however, it tasted 10 times better.

The taste made me feel like I was relaxing by the pool on a hot summer day. My taste buds were jumping out of my mouth. The lemonade and the red bull mixed together was very sweet but not super sweet. The texture of the strawberries in the drink were crunchy and made a great taste in my mouth. The  ingredients in the drink are a very smooth combination.

When you walk into Barnes & Noble, where one Starbucks in town is located, you are met with a very modern look. The store provided a very spacious and quiet area to enjoy a drink.

The service was great, and they made my drink right away. The cashier was very polite and had manners. The worker that handed me my drink was very nice and  professional. You could tell they loved this job.

I recommend the Strawberry Aꞔaí Starbucks Refresher because it gives you a great refreshing taste in your mouth, and also give you a kickstart to your day.