How was your first week of school ?


Morgan Lidwell ninth grader said, “It was really good, I like all my teachers, and everyone in my class.  I think Mrs. Brown my Algebra ll teacher is my favorite.”

Bryce Denny ninth grader said, ” This first week of school was great.  I had a lot of fun, and my favorite teacher would have to be Mr. Klingeman for drama class.”

Max Sankey eighth grader said, ” The first week was good, and it was easy and I really liked it.  I am glad to be back. My favorite teacher would have to be Mr. Danish for my American Cultures class.”

Lindsey Hallinan eighth grader said, ” My first week was exciting and stressful because I didn’t think I knew where my classes were, but I was fine.  My favorite teacher is Mr. Danish from American Cultures.”

Tara Gingrich eighth grader said, ” My first week was all right, my classes are easy to get to, and I like my teachers.  My favorite teacher has to be Mr. Danish for American Cultures.”

Maddie Benton eighth grader said, ” It was great, but also scary because of being with new people that I do not know.  My favorite teacher is math with Mrs. Brunnhuber.”

Connor McCarthy seventh grader said, ” It was great and fun, and my teachers are really nice.  My favorite teacher is English with Mrs. Hovan.”

Brandon Evangilisto seventh grader said, ” My first week was good, and teachers are so nice to me.  Mr. Welsh had to be my favorite teacher.”

Maggie Kelly seventh grader said, “I love the first week of school!  I like meeting new people in all my classes.  Mr. King in Information Processing is my favorite teacher.”

Drew Egon seventh grader said, ” I had a great first week.  The only problem I had was riding the van back to my house.  Mrs. Good in reading is my favorite teacher.”