“Bury Me At Makeout Creek”


"Mitski" by davidjlee is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Come and listen to “Francis Forever!” It was one of her most popular songs.

 Mitskis album, “Meet me at Makeout Creek” is one of her most popular albums. It’s an amazing indie rock album.

Indie rock stands for independent rock, which means it has no definite category. It’s also considered alternative rock, but both terms are interchangeable. Some other examples of indie rock are The Arctic Monkeys, The White Stripes, Muse and MGMT.

Mitski’s album explores the struggles of growth, change, insecurities and love.


 I adore how each song starts calm and staid like a cool and flowing river and slowly starts to get more and more intense. While it might not be as intense as, “Choke” by I Don’t Know How But They Found Me; it does crescendo and give you a slight unsettling feeling as the guitar resonates throughout each song. A touch of melancholy seeps through the cracks of the entire album. The most intense songs being, “Drunk Walk Home” and even, “Jobless Monday”. 


 Another aspect to admire is the guitar. It’s always there in a beautiful harmony with Mitski’s voice. Her talent truly shines through it. It can go from calming in songs like, “Francis Forever ” and “First love/Late Spring” to loud and pounding in others. A super cool detail is how the very last song, “Last words of a Shooting Star” stays calm the entire time, almost like it’s truly the very last words. 


Overall this album deserves five stars because it does a wonderful job of giving a soft Cavetown vibe while not being too laid back.