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Art class designs folders for upcoming projects

Photo by Hanna Feathers
Photo by Hanna Feathers

Ninth grade art teacher, Leah Shuck, has all of her classes creating a folder with designs of their choice. They have to make sure that 60 percent of the paper is filled with Zentangle designs. Zentangles are just little designs that the student thinks of and draws on the paper. They usually are just a design to fill in the empty space. She passes out a packet that has examples in them. On each folder, the student draws a random lines and loops to make a lot of different sections on the paper. However, not all of the spaces have to be rectangle or squares. They can make all different kinds of lines to create enough spaces to fill in with Zentangles.

First, they have to fold the paper to make a folder. Then, they tape the sides of the folder so that the papers do not fall out the sides. Once the students are done with that, they have to sketch a design for the folder in their sketchbook, which they  made at the beginning of the marking period so they can draw sketches in them. Students sketch the designs in pencil. When they are done with the sketch, Shuck comes around and checks them to make sure they look okay. Once she tells them that they are okay, they can re-draw the designs onto the folder. They have to, however, draw this in Sharpie. If the student draws it in pencil first, they have to erase the marks.

In order to get all of the points for the grade the student has to participate in the demonstration, participated each work day, attempted at least four different Zentangles, accepted instructor’s help and suggestions, and cleaned up after themselves after they are done. They have to use the space on their folder well, covering at least 60 percent of the folder in Zentangle designs. They must have their name and period on the front of the folder. The students must design a Zentangle that was not found in the packet.

Ninth grade art teacher, Mrs. Shuck, showed ninth grader, Ja’sim Randolph how to fold his folder. The first step was folding the folder up. There had to be a flap so the student can put their projects inside of it.
Photo by Hanna Feathers
Randolph practiced drawing his Zentangles in his sketch book. Shuck required every student to put a rough sketch in their sketch book. When he/she was done with that, Shuck checked them and approved of the sketches. If there was any way she could help the student with making it perfect, she would tell them ideas to make it look better.
Photo by Hanna Feathers
Ninth grader, Demia Shaneyfelt adds her finishing touches to her folder. She was working on coloring in all of the parts that needed colored in. She was focused so that she would not mess up on her folder.
Photo by Hanna Feathers
The next step after all the Zentangles were colored in, the next step was the font transfer technique. This was used to put the name and period on the folder. Shuck was showing the students the different fonts on the packets she had.
Photo by Hanna Feathers
Finally, Shuck demonstrates how to do the font transfer. She used a piece of clear paper. She placed the paper over the font she liked, and she traced her name and period on the paper. After that was done, she flipped the paper over and colored over the trace marks. Lastly, she flipped it back over and placed it on the part of the folder she wanted it on and traced over the letters, again. This transferred the graphite over to the folder.
Photo by Hanna Feathers



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