Literary magazine publishes student work


news101Literary magazines were for sale April 28 through May 9 for $6. The magazine is filled with art and writing created by seventh, eighth and ninth graders.

“The literary magazine is a magazine created by students and has creative writing and art,” advisor John King said.

Students that buy a magazine have the chance to go to an assembly to meet the students who contributed to  the magazine at the end of June.

“At the assembly we have everyone that bought one come and get their magazine, Mr. Klingamen mc’s, and we view the art. Every year it’s usually at the end of June. The artists and writers are there at the assembly,” King said.

The money collected by the sales goes back into the cost for printing it

“All the money goes back into the cause,” King said.

The theme for the magazine is a passport.

“We encourage students that submit stuff to try to relate it to the theme,” King said.