Keystones cause stress

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Keystones are a hassle in a student’s life. To graduate high school, students need to pass the Algebra, biology and literature Keystone Exams. These tests cause a lot of stress because the importance of them.

In junior high, students have to take the Algebra and biology Keystones. Then in high school, students have to take the literature Keystone. If students fail the Keystones, they have to continue trying to take them until they pass.

Students have to study a lot and go through a lot of review for the tests. Teachers do the best they can to refresh students’ minds from old topics and still get them to remember the new topics. A lot of students rely on their teachers for the help when they could help themselves more.

The importance of the exam is high. It’s hard to think that if you don’t pass these exams you can’t graduate high school. The state makes it a requirement, but they don’t know how students feel about them. Students despise the exams and would rather take something else or do a project.

The Keystones are over for the year and all of the students are relieved. A lot of students were not confident about the exam and wanted it to be over before they even started it.

The Keystone exam should not be mandatory for students. The exam puts too much stress on students. Also, some students are intelligent but are bad test takers. The makers of the exam should allow students to do different things in place of the actual test. These things include a project/presentation or a packet of multiple papers on the subject.