The greatest generation?


What confuses me the most is why people call us the greatest generation. If we are the ‘‘greatest generation’’ why don’t we start acting like it?

Kids in our generation have no life goals, the only goals they have are the fake ones they find on twitter. Kids our age don’t want to work for anything, no one cares about their schooling, or appearance, or where they end up in their future life. Kids have the opportunity to go to college and so many don’t only because they don’t want to. Teachers are seeing how the students are and seeing how much the effort has just gone down. People are also seeing how our generation just wants things handed to us.

Kids our age have grown up with technology unlike our parents who worked two jobs just so they can fill their car with gas. I know my parents had to work very hard to get where they are now, they grew up dirt poor and now they made a good lifestyle for themselves to raise their kids. They didn’t have their cellphones to procrastinate or a computer to google their homework answers. We have became lazy and dependent on so many things to control our lives.

Our generation has been influenced by society. Our generation has just been pressured by drugs and partying. Kids wear clothes to school with illegal drugs on them, and wonder why they get into trouble for it. Kids our age get into legal trouble that most adults get into. Kids hear the songs on the radio and the news and get ideas that they can do the same things. It’s sad there are more school shootings than passing students in high school these days.

We need to start getting our priorities straight in life. We need to starting doing things to help ourselves and others. Teenagers don’t know how to balance a check book or know what congress does but we know how to curl our hair fast enough to catch the bus, or how to cram for that test for the next class period. We need to work harder to change this place we live. If we don’t know what is going on in the world how are we supposed to be the ones taking over this country?