Teenagers vocabulize, lingo broadens


Credit to: Refinery29 http://www.refinery29.com/2016/05/107772/cool-words-slang-dictionary-popular-sayings

Gianna Ciavarella, Reporter

I’m high key hip. I keep up with the trends and always broaden my vocabulary on the latest lingo. It’s not always easy to keep up. Lingo is awesome for teens. It gives them something to converse about among other teens and their own common language. Not all teens understand what they hear on a day to day basis, so here’s a refresher.

  1. Fam – A person’s group of friends, but can also sometimes be used to reference just one member of that tight inner circle.

Fam in a sentence: “Whats up, fam?”

  1. Lit – Used to describe something that is hot and happening. Similar to “cool” but with an added emphasis on the fact that it’s fresh and current.

Lit in a sentence: “That vine compilations was lit, did you watch it?”

  1. Turnt – Describes an excessive state of excitement, hype or overall craziness.

Turnt in a sentence: “You should’ve seen his snap story last night, he got majorly turnt.”

  1. Goals – This one is actually super easy. It literally means the same as “goals” normally would (something to strive for or desire) but it’s used as an adjective rather than a noun. You can think of it as meaning the same as “desirable” in most cases.

Goals in a sentence: “Oh my goodness that couple is goals!”

  1. Thirsty – This means desperate, impatient, or overly eager. It’s the kind of feeling where you just can’t wait anymore, and a lot of times it’s used when someone greatly desires a relationship or affection from a specific person.

Thirsty in a sentence: “Clara is all over him, she’s thirsty.

  1. Woke – “Woke” means you’re knowledgeable, aware and “with it.” You’re not naive about the topic at hand and are above all smart and tactful. It’s the exact opposite of ignorance and is usually used as such.

Woke in a sentence: “I stay woke always.”

  1. High Key – Saying something “high key” is saying it in a way that makes it clear you don’t care that everyone knows it. It’s a bold declaration. It might also be extremely obvious to everyone already, but it’s something you just feel the need to say. It’s the opposite of low key.

High Key in a sentence: “ I’m high key exposing her snaps tonight.”

  1. Sus – Short for suspicious or suspect; it’s used to describe something that’s shady or scandalous.

Sus in a sentence: “I’m not surprised he lied to you, I told you he was sus.”

  1. Savage – Someone who says something without a filter. If you’re “acting savage”,you’re probably being more raw and public with your words or actions than people are comfortable with, though it can also be a compliment if you’re arguing with someone and drop a particularly great insult. It means you don’t care what other people think.

Savage in a sentence: “I can’t believe he just called her out on that, what a savage!”

Lingo can just improve anyone’s mood. Using funky words with silly meanings just calls for a fun time. I hope people throughout the years can find more spunky  silly terms to use. Stay woke my friends.