Inquiring Photographer


We asked a series of students what their hopes are for the second semester, and what they would like to change, and here was their responses….

Ninth grader, Logan Clifford 

“I want to fix my biology grade, and I want to get better at English because I can’t speak it apparently.”

Ninth grader, Alec Clark 

“I want to get my math and English grade up. I also want to try and make better friendships and try to not fail this grade.” 


Cameron Pittman, ninth grader

“I want to not fail this grade and try to get at least 80’s.”

Cassidy Klock, seventh grade

“I hope to improve my math grade, and I hope to keep the geography grade the same.”

Carina Shaw, eighth

“I want to bring my grades up a little more and keep them up.”

Jenna Williams, eighth

“My hopes are to have all A’s, and I want to stay on top of my work and not get behind.”

Izzy Nardelli, eighth grade

“I want to fix my grades.”

Abi Scheinberg, seventh grade

“I want to fix my math grade, and I want to stop procrastinating.”

Karilyn Salyer, seventh grade

“I hope my grades for the third marking period stay over a 90. I need to work on concentrating more, trying harder and putting down more.”

Reese Wilber, 7

“I want to get better grades. They are good right now but not as good as I want them to be. I don’t want to procrastinate as much.”