Inquiring photographer

What are your thoughts on the school dance being cancelled?


“I thought it was appropriate to cancel because of the threat that was made. I was planning on going because I’m in student council, but I’m not that disappointed,” seventh grader Tyler Houp said.
“I would love to go and enjoy having fun with my friends. I’m upset about it,” seventh grader Kendra Reckner said.
“I thought that was a good idea because something serious could have happened. Someone could have gotten hurt,” seventh grader Jaelynn Colbert said.
“It was dumb. I was probably going to end up going anyways,” eighth grader Joshua Henson said.
“I think they’re trying to protect the students by putting their safety first. But, I’m sad it was cancelled.” eighth grader Brenden Grimminger said.
“I was going to go but since it was cancelled I was upset because I couldn’t hang out with my friends,” seventh grader Kamden Dejesus said.
“I’m really disappointed. We had such a good turnout in the fall, and it was a lot of fun. There were no incidents. The dance was actually a fund for the cereal project for St. Vincent Paul. We earned $600 last dance that we donated, and we hoped to earn more,” ninth grade teacher Jessica Hogan said.
“I think it’s a bad thing because most students follow along on social media. It’s like they see others doing it and they follow along,” ninth grader Grazia Macharola said.
“I think it was stupid that the dance was cancelled because of one student,” ninth grader Shianna Wilkinson said.
“I’m not really disappointed by it. Though I was planning on going,” eighth grader Megan Pensyl said.