Junior high needs study halls


Savannah Blazer, Reporter

Studying is like practicing, the more someone practices, the better they can do.

Some students can not “practice” at home for tests and quizzes because of extracurricular activities and other homework assignments. Students also may need one on one help in a class and can get help during the study hall period.

Also, some students may be absent from school and may have missed many tests and/or quizzes. During the study hall period, the students who have missed a test, quiz, worksheet, etc. could make it up during this time and not have to worry about coming early to school and or staying after school.

Because some kids have extra curricular activities, they may not be able to stay before or after school to make up test and quizzes. If students try to make the test or quiz up during that class, the student will fall behind and may never catch up.

Some students may not be able to grasp a concept and need one one one help, but can not get it during class and because of extracurricular activities can not come to after school tutoring can use a study hall to get that one on one help with that teacher.

Students and teachers should be able to have a little bit of time to get  themselves organized for the rest of the day. Students may be more organized and more students may turn in late assignments and homework in on time or sooner than usual.