Stop smoking Juuls

Sadie Price, Reporter

According to CNBC, Juul sales have escalated by 800 percent over the past year.  Many kids across the United States who are under the age to possess a Juul are not only smoking them but are bringing them to school.

Juuls were made to help smokers addicted to cigarettes but still give them the satisfaction of smoking.   Most people think since Juuls aren’t real cigarettes then smoking them isn’t bad. But that’s not the case, one pod contains 20 cigarettes worth of nicotine according to Truth.  

Smoking the Juul can become a big distraction.  Many kids are leaving class to go to the bathroom to smoke. Teachers do not know students are doing this, so they let them go to the bathroom.  When the student comes back to class they have a different attitude because the Juul gives them a high feeling.  Principals may suggest to not allow students in the restrooms between classes but this issue still happens during class.

When a student goes to the bathroom he or she is missing five to ten minutes of class.  When the student arrives back to class, he or she has missed a lot of work and may not know what he or she is doing.  Not only are students missing class but they will get used to leaving all the time to smoke so they will always want to be leaving which leads to more class time missed.

Not only are Juuls a distraction and making students leave class early, they can cause lung cancer.  People think Juuls are better than cigarettes, and they won’t give you lung cancer. Little do they know Juuls are just as harmful as cigarettes.  Studies show that cancer-chemicals are found in e-cigarettes causing lung cancer.

Students should stop using Juuls inside and outside of school.