School should provide more lunch choices while slashing prices


Sadie Price, Reporter

When it’s time for lunch, the cafeteria serves the same food everyday besides the daily hot meal.  Kids get tired of eating the same food. The school should have a different selection of food every other week.  With this students will have more opportunities to choose from and enjoy what they are eating.

Another problem is cost.  Some students are running out of money every week in their account because of how much the school charges.  The school charges almost $2 per meal without any extras. If students don’t get a milk, fruit, vegetable and main choice the student gets charged even more.  How is this logical?  Students should be charged by the amount of food they get not what they have to get.

With this in mind, in students favor, it would be better to cut the expenses of meals so that students can keep money in their accounts and give students more food opportunities.