Kit Kats please taste buds

Kaya Newell, reporter

Kit Kats were first manufactured then sold on August 29, 1935, according to Nestle.  Nestle owns Kit Kats and many other popular candy products such as Crunch, Butterfingers, Laffy Taffy, etc.

In a survey conducted by Sammy Said, Kit Kats rank at number ten for the most popular candy bar in the world. Personal Kit Kats are at the top of my candy list. When looking for a sweet treat, they are the perfect.  Although Kit Kats have three classic flavors, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white creme, my favorite is the original milk chocolate.

Whenever I go to Target with my parents, I like to get a candy bar at the checkout line.  I usually get a Kit Kat because I love the delicious, crunchy wafers covered in milk chocolate that just melt in your mouth.  Kit Kats are also sold at such a low price. At Target one can purchase a Kit Kat bar for just 89 cents. They are also so easy to find since they are sold in almost any store, where one may find candy, all around the world.  

I definitely recommend a Kit Kats to anyone who is looking for a delicious, peanut free, chocolate snack.  Always remember “Have a break, have a Kit Kat.”