Students face dangerous sidewalks

Sadie Price, Reporter

In the school district area many of the sidewalks and crosswalks are not cleared for pedestrians.  The sidewalks and crosswalks need to be cleared. Cleaning them off fully would be a positive change for the community.

Sidewalks cause a big problem because students and faculty have a hard time getting to school.  A good example is in the morning when parents are dropping off their kids and there is nowhere for them to get out without stepping in snow.  This causes students and faculty to have to wait to get to the top of the school where the snow is somewhat cleared off.  People have fallen and even injured themselves on the sidewalks.

The second most important issue occurring is the crosswalks.  The crosswalks are not cleaned to the fullest meaning students and faculty cannot cross safely. Motorists cannot see the crosswalks and may not stop.  Many times the crosswalk is cleared on the road, but where the crosswalk starts and ends there is nowhere to go. This is the main issue because if no one can stand where the crosswalk starts then the drivers most likely won’t know they need to cross.  

There are many ways to stop this from occurring. A good way to help this is when snow storms do occur people who plow the roads should not block the crosswalks and sidewalks.   Another way to help this is if the snow gets plowed onto the sidewalks and crosswalk then the school district should clean it off. If the district or people who own the private properties don’t clean off the snow then students could even volunteer and help clean it off to make it easier for other students and staff members.

Sidewalks and crosswalks are the most important thing for students and other people get to their destinations safely, but they have to be cleaned first for this to happen.