Online school is over but…..

Online school is almost over, yet some students are still struggling. It seems like online school is very complicated and time consuming to many students who want free time as a part of their everyday routine. Online school is ending but cheating is still a live problem as well.

During a regular online school day, students have eight classes to finish and submit at a certain time. Some classes require students to do 13 pages of work, ask for a quiz prep, a simple online homework, a test review and other online activities. 

Some people may argue that online school is much easier to cheat on than regular school. There are no adults to monitor the students’ behaviors while taking exams, tests and quizzes. 

“School has definitely gotten harder. Some teachers will assign a lot of homework due in a short amount of time. Also trying to do certain electives can be annoying since it’s not what you originally wanted or been through,” ninth grader Christine Jordan said. 

Electives are extra classes that aren’t core classes that students still have to take during this period of time. 

Jordan is saying what most students are talking about in social media. In a popular social media platform called Tik Tok, students always talk about the insane amount of work they get from their teachers and generally talk about the hard work they needed to put in online school.

“In my opinion the worst part of online school is probably turning in almost if not all of your eight periods work by a certain time,” ninth grader Brooke Thomas said. 

Brooke and Jordan share similar opinions on the topic of too much class work and so as other students around the country. 

“No, I don’t think students cheat. They may ask their friends or parents for answers that they don’t know because it’s difficult for the students to understand a whole lesson over a short video or a paragraph explaining the lesson,” Thomas said. 

Thomas believes students don’t cheat and instead they ask for help, which can be argued about depending on what someone may consider is cheating.

“I’m happy that online school is over, but I think there’s still a lot of uncertainty. It’s hard to know where things are going to go from here. I’m glad for it to be over because it feels like we’ve done more work than when we were in school and it was a lot easier back then. I’m just really excited to have somewhat of a normal summer again,” ninth grader Bella Davis said.