News brief: Electives at AAJHS vs. AAHS


Dominic Danastasio

Blast off! The Neil Armstrong Planetarium holds many exciting artifacts and replicas from the space race. James Krug leads the astronomy class. “Many schools do not have planetariums like we do; that’s our big, domed classroom. During classes most days, we bring down the lights, put up the stars, and students learn about constellations.The sky is literally the limit,” said Krug.

Earlier this month, eighth grade students heading to the high school scheduled classes for the 2021-2022 school year, complete with new changes and new opportunities.


Compared to last year, students have more choice for electives  at the high school than in the junior high. AAHS’ 36 electives greatly outnumbers AAJHS’ selection of only 21 electives; however, students have mixed opinions regarding this matter.


“I think it’s interesting because it gives me more of a chance to explore,” said Randy Grove. “I think the current choices are fine, that way everyone can grow into what they want to be.”


“There’s not much I’m interested in,” says Zyon VanLue. “Personally, I don’t want to take multiple electives; I’d rather just have one elective than multiple.”

Recently a new wing was added to the planetarium dedicated to the space race. Artifacts include real relics from the US and USSR, as well as artifacts from more recent companies, such as SpaceX. 

Counselors scheduled classes during eighth graders’ American cultures class one week before returning to full-time learning.