News brief: Girl Scout Cookie Season Kicks Off With A New Cookie!


"Girl Scout cookies for the troops" by The U.S. Army is licensed under CC BY 2.0

C is for cookie. This girl scout troop is getting ready to set up their table to sell cookies. These girls just got done with another cookie booth at a different location.

There has been many changes selling cookies this year for Girl Scouts; however, a new cookie called Totast-YaY, which tastes like French toast became available for sale. The tan colored cookie comes in the shape of toast, and it has cream colored frosting on the bottom.


The girl scout troops located in Altoona, Pa. had to make some changes to stay safe while selling cookies to benefit the troops and the community. Troop leader, Mandy Mapes, of troop 46423 said, “While selling cookies the girls must wear a mask, some wear gloves, and we always have sanitizers readily available”.


Troop 46423 started a delivery and cookie drive-thru to help with sales, but they also sell their cookies at stores like Walmart, GNC and other places like small businesses. Mapes said, “Some of the larger businesses are not supporting it as much due to the pandemic.”