How do you feel about virtual snow days?


Grace Stadtmiller

Eighth grader Zaelinh Nguyen Moore said, “I feel that virtual snow days are not fair because snow days are usually for students to get a day off and give them a break from school, but I also feel that they are a good thing so we don’t have to make up school.”

Eighth grader Savana Coho said, “I think it’s a good idea because if we wouldn’t be doing it virtual, then we [would] have to drag out the end of the school year longer and I’d rather have a longer summer.” (Photographed by Melissa Krainer)


Eighth grader Natalie Etters said, “I think it is horrible. I think we should have asynchronous days where we can turn our work in at the end of the day. I think we should try to get back to normal, and we did virtual days all year last year during Covid.” (Photographed by Miley Naugle)



“I don’t like virtual snow days because people can’t focus or learn, and it’s on a snow day where it’s snowing, so we should be able to play in the snow. People can also use social media to cheat and copy answers and people who don’t have Wi-Fi or service won’t be able to join meetings or do work,” said eighth grader Laila Novak. (Photographed by Izabella Mccarthy)



“I think it’s kind of a mixed feeling. I mean it could be a good idea, but there could also be some flaws to it. It all depends, but it’s okay. I don’t really mind,” said eighth grader Payton Ronan. (Photographed by Madison Aboud)



Eighth grader Emma Noel said, “I think that virtual snow days are different because we don’t have to get up early. When you get up, you don’t have to get changed and you can just stay in your pajamas all day. With school work, you can work at your own pace and not feel rushed to get done.” (Photographed by Sofia Hallinan)



“I don’t like doing virtual school on snow days because we can’t see anyone. It takes time out of the day that I could be doing things,” said eighth grader William Kales. (Photographed by Taniyah Hicks)





I think students should be able to spend their snow days having fun, hanging out with their friends and family and not stuck behind a computer screen all day.”  (Photographed by Cheyanne Zeth)